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The Problem & The Solution

From: Dr. Bob Clarke
To: Part-Time Marketers Looking To Break Through

If you've got limited time to spend on your business and you find yourself night-after-night going to bed frustrated and confused with nothing to show from your efforts, you're not alone and congratulations!

You've just landed in the exact place you need to be.

Most People Struggle With Gaining Momentum In Their Business

The Problem:  Most marketers struggle with two key challenges:

1. Pinpointing the Critical Activities that deserve their limited time.

2. Staying focused on these activities, implementing them promptly, and maintaining consistency long enough to build MOMENTUM in their business.


When you go through The Stupid Simple Daily Activity Guide you just requested (check your email), you'll accomplish Step #1.

The Solution for Step #2:  MOMENTUM!

Here Is Just Some of What You'll Find
Inside MOMENTUM...

The Only Tool You'll Ever Need To Maintain Consistency In Your Business (And it's 100% Free!)
How To Overcome The Urge To Procrastinate And Get Into Action FAST!
 (This works every single time!) 
The 3-Step Plan To Effectively Minimize Distractions... so you can laser focus on those activities that matter most in your business.  
How To Help Others On Your Team Be More Consistent (This will boost THEIR results and YOUR retention!) 
Uncover The Procrastination Crusher: Why you procrastination and how to finally get into action FAST! 
The One Thing Identifier (Which business activity(ies) will make your success inevitable!) 
The Time Amplifier Strategy (How to get more business time in your day so lack of time is never an excuse again!)  
The Simple Strategy You Can Implement NOW... to get into action NOW and implement on autopilot!
And much more...


The Procrastination Crusher t get into action FAST! 
$79 Value

The 3-Step Plan To Minimize Distractions and FOCUS!

The One-Thing Identifier - the straight line to results!

The Time Amplifier Strategy - add more daily biz time!

Tools/Strategies to Boost Consistency For You & Your Team

BONUS: Interview with The Co-Creator of The Consistency Chain, Mr, Jim Packard

BONUS: Become an Implementation Machine with Dr. Lisa Thompson


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