Bob and Rosemary Beach reducedTrying to build a successful home-based business can be HARD, especially when past attempts have failed.

The same is true with relationships and your love life, right?

In this short audio training, I reveal some secrets about my love life and past relationships that few people know about…

And how it can help you in your journey towards FREEDOM with your home business.




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    5 replies to "Lessons From My Love Life"

    • Sagar

      Nice and very motivating post

      First of all i totally agree that there are any things we can learn from our past life. The comparison of love life and business is also a good way for attracting people. I frankly don’t know much about it because I have never been in love.

      But there are very bitter experience is life that teaches us some great lessons which we should never forget and also imply in any sectors even in business. This goes with famous saying like “mistakes become the stepping stones of success “.

      Good motivating post I hope this article would help many people especially beginners

      Thank you for posting..

    • Sajid Khan

      Hey Bob, You are absolutely right. Everyone learn from his past life…

    • Ella Smith

      I agree with you bob,we always use to learn from our past experience and it need great courage if some steps have proven wrong earlier but we have to do same again.

    • Mitch

      Hey bob,
      i get the message you are trying to convey here, and i do agree some people tend to give up before they even try because they are afraid,
      but i don’t think it’s a good comparison between a love life and a business,
      relationships are based on emotions and moods and people personalities and luck, while businesses are based on solid plans and connections and statistics there’s no luck to it,
      you have protocols and rules to follow, you need a good plan and a detailed study about what you are getting into, you can’t just go “well i’ll have a better luck next time, i’m a try one more time and who knows it might work”, you know what i mean ??
      Best wishes!

    • merry

      good lesson.. i hope i can learn many things from this

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