Today I'm going to show you a step-by-step method for literally “stealing” traffic from top network leaders in your niche.  What I'm talking about is not illegal; on the contrary, it's an honest,  legitimate way to leverage the large following that most of the network marketing leaders enjoy (and have worked very hard to establish).  It's not hard to do and it's not rocket science; yet, I'm amazed at how few people take these few steps that can completely change their business overnight.

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    • marquita herald

      Hi Bob,

      I read this article before, but decided to return and I’m glad I did – sometimes you just need to be in a different place to catch a particular message. I set a goal for myself to increase my list by a certain number in the next 30 days so I’m looking for every tool I can find – I like your suggestion about offering to write a review so I’m going to look into that … I’m also going to dive into guest blogging very seriously. Wish me luck!

      • Bob

        Good luck, Marty.

        I also am getting more heavily into guest posting. I had my first one published on, Jane Sheeba’s blog. It seemed to be quite well received, so that gave me confidence to go further. I now have a guest post accepted at Kristi Hines blog, to be published in November (popular blog!). Like you, I will continue pushing this as a way to improve my backlinks and blog popularity.

        And you’re right – I’ve yet to find a product owner who turned down the chance for me to write a review.

        Thanks for sharing your plan with us, Marty! Best of luck to you!

    • Jon Alfredsson

      Hey Bob, great post. like the others too, I am like the same trying to get noticed by too many gurus. Well, i would love to try your tip and I’m pretty sure that this is a great idea and will surely work. Looking forward for more ideas like this one. More power =) jon

    • Richard Goutal

      This is fantastic advice and I can vouch for it. I call it cross-promotion. Last summer I wrote a post describing how I realized I was a leader. And while writing the post, I realized how much I owed to the activities of one particular leader –mentioned in your list, by the way. Someone brought the post to his attention and he sent an email out urging people to read the post (his list is huge!), he posted a banner link to my post at the top of his main membership site, and he share the post on his busy Facebook pages. My blog traffic skyrocketed that week and people still mention that post to me.

      • Bob

        What a great story, Richard.. it does work, right? Once you show others that you are a consistent action taker who gets results, you jump in stature and respect, and others (including the leaders) take notice!

        Thanks for sharing your story and stopping by!

    • fredz

      That’s a good Idea, The Leaders are the ones that Get noticed. I have started following some of the leaders, but Not really commenting. Good Idea.

      • Bob

        Hi Fredz…. yes, commenting with consistency will get you noticed. But don’t just leave a comment —- leave the BEST comment. The leaders, as well as the other commenters in the thread will take notice and check you out.

        Thanks for the comment. Glad to have you here.

    • Cori

      Hi Bob- you made me realize that I follow too many gurus. I do make comments on their posts, but not enough or consistently on any one guru. I am going to try to focus on one guru for a while- thanks for the great tips!

      • Bob

        Cori — my Top Commenter — thanks again for your great insights. I see that today is your birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

        Look forward to masterminding with you this year and CRUSHING IT! Talk soon.

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