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Make Your Presence Felt in Social Media

Social media presence is very essential for any type of business. The success of your business depends on how well you make your customers or audience to feel your presence. The customers must feel you all over the webosphere. For this you have got options like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. It doesn't depend on where you start it all depends on how you start.

And if you are thinking if you should really start or not, then you need to understand one thing: Social media helps you with blogging success. When you have decided to establish your social media presence then you have to follow a few steps. Without boring you anymore with the basics, I'll share what you need to do.

Start with well known social media:

The ultimate option is Facebook or Twitter. If you open a Facebook fan page or Twitter profile then you have given your business a kick start. If you have a niche, create a page on it or if you sell products then create a page according to your business needs.

Spread out the page:

Once you have created a fan page or profile the problem doesn't end there; on the contrary it starts there. If you own a fan page then you must be interacting regularly and promote it using ads and other resources.

Promotion tactics:

Don't be satisfied with just few likes and audience. Move on to other pages related to your niche;  for e.g. if you own a page for “your name's blogs” then you have to go to other pages that are created for blogs and promote your page there. If it's a Twitter account follow them and interact with them. During interaction follow the 80-20 rule:  80% of your interaction should be on commenting, re-tweeting, promoting other blogs, games, quizzes etc. and you should self promote you in the remaining 20% time.

Fun and fantasies:

These are the two things that tempt people. In your fan page or corporate account,  you must engage your fans and followers in interesting games or quizzes (of course related to your niche). Additionally,  you can award points or even rewards. Another important aspect is “keeping in pace with the changing world”.

Tweet or quote whatever is new and catchy. Speak about everything from cricket to movies yet make sure you convey your niche details or your product details at the right time. Top companies like Aircel, Nokia, Apple, etc. recruit this method only. They provide all the news about them and also discuss other topics for fun and knowledge.

Customers are our GOD:

We depend on customers and they don't depend on us, because in this cutthroat environment there are a lot of options for them. Imagine why should they read your blog or buy your product more than others? To make them buy your products or read your blog you must be the best in the niche. For this,  all you have to do is service your customers.

You must remember the qualities important for business:

They are Performance (they know it by reading your blog or using your product), Features (you must enlighten the customers about it), Aesthetics (design both your product and page in such a way that it is the best), Service (provide an excellent service both before and after the selling or reading in case of blogs).

In these 4 qualities only performance speaks for itself, the other 3 depends on how well you interact and promote in social media.

Don't restrict to just Facebook and Twitter:

This point will be converse to the first point. Yeah, I told you to establish your presence in social media in well known social networks, but that doesn't mean you should restrict yourselves from other forms of social media. Once you are stable with the your fan page and corporate account move on to YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn etc. because you never know where you can find your audience. They will be present anywhere in the webosphere.

Social media presence is an art, you must acquire it and utilize it carefully. It is more like a two-edged sword; if you handle it carelessly then it will be hazardous to you.

I have not said it all.

Want to enhance the topic with your points? I will be happy to hear from you.

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    40 replies to "How To Establish Your Social Media Presence"

    • Jeff Smitth

      Social Media and Social Network is Good for your blog But when start the social media and how to manage it and maintain is main problem. I am trying to manage my blog social media but unable to update regularly. Because time is problem

    • Rowan

      I appreciate your point about using other sites, I’ve had some luck using StumbleUpon, but you have to focus most of your efforts on what makes best use of your time, and for me, it’s Twitter.

    • Herbert

      I was browsing the blog and I landed here,never knew enough of how social media could help a blog a lot. Thanks for sharing Jane

    • Sally Thompson

      I really want to enhance the topic to my point.. And your article will definitely help me to gain my goal.. Keep up the good work! I will visit your blog more often..

    • Anonymous

      Hey Jane..

      Great and insightful ideas and tactics are shared in the post. Thanks for this good discussion. Social marketing is must for promotion. From my personal view all aspects and other social media networks are also take in concern with Facebook and Twitter. Now i am looking to benefits of Google + benefits in marketing.

    • waterpearls

      Hi Jane,
      Excellent post. Thanks for sharing your information on how to establish social media presence. I like your advise on not to restrict ourselves for facebook and twitter but also open ourselves to other social media websites.I find your article very helpful and informative.

    • Dev

      Hey Jane,

      Social Media is very important and it plays a great role in our businesses. I like your thought “when we have created a like page on Facebook, the work only begins.”

      Thanks so much for sharing this great post with us.

      Btw. I’m seeing you very active doing guest posting. Keep at it, jane.

    • lucio

      since we decided to “go social” ( we made a fun page on facebook) our company noticed a +12% income!
      you totally want to go social, trust me!my only suggestion is to find a reliable company that manage your social campaign. you might pay a little bit more, but on the long run it’s well worth!


      (sorry for my bad english!!!)

    • Online Pharmacy

      great post. I agree that a powerful social media presence is a must for businesses nowadays. However, I agree with you too, most people and business are doing it the wrong way by pitchibg their affiliate links on people’s walls etc. Not good business.Your post have the information that is helpfull and very informative. I would like you to keep up the good work.You know how to make your post understandable for most of the people.Thumbs up and Thanks.

    • A. Leigh Edwards

      Hi Jane,

      Although I’m still getting the hang of it, I agree Social Media will definitely help your online presence grow. Facebook and Twitter, I get it. Google +1…not too sure I understand yet but, I will :D. Thanks for the insight.

    • Hans Schoff

      Social media has become a very important medium for interacting with and attracting customers. It’s amazing to think just in a short couple of years how different the online landscape was and how business was conducted. It’s changing at such a rapid pace, but connection is at the root of it all. Being accessible to your audience, your customers, your clients – showing your transparency creates trust and builds a bond which leads to sales. What a different world we live in today.

    • Ankesh Kothari

      Hi Jane;
      Thanks for this great post. I agree that the social media is very important for developing a successful blog. You point about focusing on only one or two platforms at the beginning is well taken. It will allow us to put enough time and focus on these to be effective.

      The 80-20 rule is also an interesting thing. Even if only 50% of the people whose blogs you have commented on, comment on your blog it would be more effective than if you had spent 100% of your effort on self promotion.

    • Rachael Slorach

      Hi Jane, Thanks for the post. Social media is the area I am having the most trouble with. It seems very time consuming and complicated! So I like your suggestion with starting with just facebook and twitter which I have done. I know how important social media will be for building my online presence and should plan my actions out strategically. Cheers!

    • Jeffrey Sooey

      Really good points. Sometimes it is tempting to think that OUR industry just does not lend itself to social media all that well, but reading your article maybe we are just not doing it right! Thanks for sharing this.


    • Excellent post for all the people who are considering what and how to “do” social media.

      Too many times people believe they can just set it and forget it and like you say that is so not true.

      Thanks for spreading the word you actually have to work at it to produce benefits!

    • Jeanine Byers Hoag

      What can I say, Jane, except that you are completely right! Unfortunately, I have been neglecting social media in the past couple of months and had better get back to it. Thanks for the reminder to get back down to business.

    • Lou Barba

      Hi Jane,

      Congratulations on guest posting on Bob’s blog.

      I agree with you about using social media to its fullest to interact and promote whatever you are doing. I don’t particularly agree with giving prospects a godlike status. Yes, we want them to make a purchase or support our cause, but they are also standing to benefit fro the products we HAVE, or can be fulfilled by supporting our cause. I like to think of us as two adults who have something for each other. It’s a matter of working out the terms. If I have to bow and squat to make a sale, I’m going somewhere else. If you have your agenda and your approach to prospects, that should be good enough.


    • Atish

      Thanks jane for the awesome article. Yes your are right that we should not restrict only to facebook and twitter . we should use stumble upon, google +, digg, reditt etc.

    • Dewane Mutunga

      Social Media is about engagement, connecting, sharing, and community. All of these things are facilitate by one powerful thing: conversation. We need to be start the dialogue and seeing it through from beginning to end. This is where social media’s real power lies.

    • Catarina

      Jane, good post. Ileane is right, you know what you are talking about!

    • Julieanne van Zyl

      Hi Jane, I agree that customers are our god, without our customers we wouldn’t have a business. And, as you say, there are so many other choices for people, they can always go elsewhere! One thing I recommend for new people, is to start with one social media activity and get used to it, before going on to others. Otherwise it can be quite overwhelming.

      Hope you’re having a great weekend! REgards from Julieanne

    • DebbieLattuga

      I think the one thing people miss most often with social media is that it is social. People want to know a little bit about you. So occasionally share something personal. Just make sure you don’t overdo it.


      • Jane

        Debbie that’s a great point. The fact that people want to be social essentially means that they need to educate others about their personal stuff too. Sure, they don’t have to be an open book, but occasional personal updates increase the connectivity and the bond. It is much easier to build relationships this way!

    • Joseph

      These are all great points Jane. How I wish I could have enough time to make my social media work in full blast.

      • Jane

        LOL I know it’s all overwhelming when we talk about social media, because there is so much in the arena. But there is a good market out there and we gotta leverage it 🙂

    • Ami

      Great tips… Keeping up social media is probably my least favorite thing about blogging. I love writing the content but I realize that alone is not enough. Time to get going!

      • Jane

        Ami, glad that you got the point. Blogging is not just about writing. There’s a lot more to it.

    • Stevie Smith

      Hello Bob and Rosemary,

      You are so right. Social media is here to stay, whether we like it or not and we better get used to it. There are those who are really good at interacting with others and at a cocktail party, you might find surrounded by people as they make them laugh or entertain them with stories and clever “reparties”. Then they are the others who are more discreet, prefer to answer questions and join conversation that way. Whichever group we belong in, it is important that we become good at media socializing as it could make all the difference between a blog that is vibrant and one that is felling rather lonely.

      Keep the Smiles,


    • Rick Lelchuk

      Bob and Rosemary,

      You must had struck a nerve because I’m questioning how to respond to your post. Certainly what you say is valid and appreciated, but you are making me think about my current social media position and branding. With so many online avenues of approach one must be judicious in their Internet endeavors. I just don’t want to become a greater slave to the computer than I already am. I love the interaction, but, as I said to myself years ago when I was looking to get out of the 9 to 5, now too, “there must be a better way!”



      • Jane

        Online business can be disappointing sometimes when we think it as a better option (in terms of LEISURE) as compared to a 9-5 job. Indeed it is quite challenging yet rewarding to maintain an online business, part of the game is social media engagement. Yet, we don’t have to be slaves to our computers once we are done with the initial set up 🙂 (at least I hope!)

    • Sandy


      Totally agree here! Facebook and Twitter alone are definitely not enough for the social media aspect of marketing online today… Social media is expanding, so to take advantage of its benefits we need to do the same! Thanks for the tips, great stuff here as usual. 🙂


      • Jane

        Natasha, indeed many people just think social media is all about Twitter and Facebook and they forget to harness the power of other excellent media.

    • Oliver Tausend

      Hi Jane,

      thanks for this passionate post. I love your mindset: When we’ve created a like page on Facebook, the work only begins.

      How many people expect that social media does the work for them and forget that they have to work social media ?

      Of course, the downside is that you can get distracted easily and you could end up spreading yourself too thin.

      That’s why I focus on my blog as the central hub, then Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and of course YouTube as video hosting site.

      And yes, sigh, Google+

      Thanks for sharing your insights.

      Take care


      • Jane

        Oliver, there is a lot on the plates of bloggers when it comes to social media. It is all indeed overwhelming; now with the addition Google+. But most of the market is hanging out there in social media that we got no other choice!

    • Desi

      Hi Jane,

      great post. I agree that a powerful social media presence is a must for businesses nowadays. However, I agree with you too, most people and business are doing it the wrong way by pitchibg their affiliate links on people’s walls etc. Not good business.

      It starts, as you note, with a compelling profile including the picture. Seriously, who wants to be in business with a dog, dollar notes or a company logo ?

      Thanks for sharing your insights.

      • Jane


        I am so glad that you got my point. I have a policy myself NOT to follow or friend persons where I can’t see their face.


    • marquita herald

      Great advice Bob. I’ve got the basics covered at FB and Twitter and the numbers are growing steadily, but I would like to add something more interactive to FB so I appreciate your suggestions. I’m also on Linkedin my community there is growing without much help from me – but I’ve recently joined a few groups and I do have plans to create a business page. Thanks for the information!

      • Jane

        LinkedIn groups are a great place for promotion, traffic and especially generating quite a lot of useful discussion 🙂

    • bbrian017

      Hi Jane, this was a really great post. I’ve been using Facebook, twitter for marketing for about a year now and it’s been great. I don’t put much attention to Facebook but I still know the importance of having the page and being the brand.

      So many of our blog Engage member visit Facebook just to submit their articles to our Facebook fan page it’s rather interesting and fun to watch. From what I have seen both Twitter and Facebook are great marketing tools for any blogger or business no matter the size.

      • Jane


        It will be sometimes so strange how people react to our social media promotion efforts. I too have had such moments. And, sometimes even if I briefly stopped my promotion efforts on Twitter and Facebook I see no difference in the amount of traffic. Once we establish our presence things get a lot easier.


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