Attention Home Business Owners Struggling to Get Consistent Results...

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What Is The Crush Consistency Workshop?

From: Dr. Bob Clarke
To: Marketers Looking To Get More Consistent Results

If you've been struggling to create the kind of success you’ve been dreaming about for your business… all because you can't seem to remain consistent from one day to the next…

You've just landed in the exact place you need to be.

Because you’re not alone! AND truthfully...it’s not even your fault!

It turns out most people are hard-wired in their brain NOT to be consistent, and you may be one of them!

Why The Usual Advice For Being Consistent Doesn't Work

We've all seen the standard advice given to those who aren't consistent in their business...

"Just push through it!"

"Think of the big picture!"

And my favorite...

"You just don't want it bad enough!"

The truth is your ability to remain consistent in your business has nothing to do with any of this.  

Yet, we're made to feel guilty and somehow less committed to our own success just because of the way we're wired...

And it's GOT TO STOP! 

The Answer Has Nothing To Do With Desire!

How do I know? 

Because it wasn’t all that long ago I was having the exact same struggles as you!

I knew what to do to get results in my business...

And I knew how to do it.

I'd start taking action with the best of intentions to stay consistent...

Yet a few days later (or even the next day) I'd find myself making every excuse in the book to put off the activities I knew would get me results...

If only I just kept going.

Any of this sound familiar?

If so, there's hope.

How do I know?

Because I figured it out!

I did a deep dive into what makes one person consistent and another consistently inconsistent.

And what I found changed my business and life forever.

Once I applied what I learned, consistency came easy... and so did results.

My business flourished.

The leads and sales, once sporadic and random because of my inconsistent effort, now began to pop like clockwork.

I consistently got on my company leaderboards, rank advanced 3x, started winning affiliate contests, became a sought-after coach and a published author.

And finally on October 25, 2019....

My wife and I walked away from our careers in healthcare and into our home business full-time.

And we've never looked back!

This Is The Same Method I’ve Used To 10x My Leads, Sales, and Signups Just Through Consistent Action... And Retired From My Healthcare Career YEARS Ahead of Schedule!

Of course I’m not telling you this to brag (although it has been pretty cool, I must admit)!

I’m telling you this because I know what’s worked for me and many of my students and coaching clients, and I know that it will change your business forever as well!

The best part is that it’s not as hard as you’re probably thinking it is.

While the thought of having to be consistent in your business day in and day out can seem daunting, you really only need to have a few things in place.

One is the fundamental understanding of why you aren't being consistent.

And you need a way to flip the switch in your brain so that consistency is a no brainer.


I’ll break everything down for you in an easy to understand and simple-to-follow method that you can put into practice immediately. So that you can start taking action in your business TODAY and never stop.

Here Is Just Some of What You'll Find Out Inside This Powerful 4 Module Training...

3 Steps to Becoming More Consistent In Your Business and Making it a Habit... So You Won't Even Have To Think About it
The Only Tool You'll Ever Need To Maintain Consistency in Your Business... and it's 100% FREE!
The Secret to Maintaining Consistency In Your Business That Is Right Under Your Nose (it Works Even When Every Fiber of Your Body Wants you to Stop!)
How To Overcome The Urge To Procrastinate And Get Into Action FAST (This Works Every Single Time!)
How To Help Others On Your Team Be More Consistent (This will Boost their Results AND Your Retention!)
BONUS JUST ADDED:  A private interview with the co-author of The Consistency Chain, Mr. Jim Packard!
And much more...

What Top Experts Have To Say...

"Bob's really the guy to ask when it comes to Part-Time and learning to build a business while having other life responsibilities."

Mark Harbert

7-Figure Online Marketer

"Bob Clarke is most definitely a top-tier leader who probably has more value than most MLM top earners."

Brian Fanale

7-Figure Online Marketer and Co-Founder of MLSP

"If your goal is to fire your boss, replace your income, or simply make some extra cash, Dr. Bob can definitely help. He receives my highest endorsement."

Ferny Ceballos

7-Figure Online Marketer and CEO of AttractionMarketing.com

What Dr. Bob's Students Are Saying...

"Working with Bob has allowed me to overcome my weaknesses and doubts and helped me to make and execute a plan to WIN!

Bill Conte

Online Marketer

"When I started working with Dr. Bob. I had go days to get things turned around. And I did. And made my biggest commission yet. Thanks Dr. Bob!!" 

 Tracy Erwin

Online Marketer

"Dr. Bob has mastered the part-time atmosphere and I was fumbling through trying to figure out what I should be doing every day to make changes happen. He showed me how to do that.

Baxter Cribbs

Online Marketer

"Dr. Bob is a Part Time Marketer, who just happens to be a top earner, while working full time as a baby making doctor. He's been there and because of that he has numerous ways to help us part timers stay on track and get unstuck!. He has the answers! Thanks, Doc!

Pam Fike

Online Marketer

"Bob really knows his stuff. Great genuine guy with such a big heart……I highly recommend you get his training. I'm half-way through it already, and there's SO MANY GOLDEN NUGGETS!!!!

Becca Crossman

Online Marketer

"Bob Clarke, is a Great Coach. He has the Patience of Job.

Thank You Bob!!!"

Clyde Wallace

Online Marketer

In this training I’m divulging the best secrets and proven consistency triggers I’ve discovered...

These strategies have gotten me into consistent action in my own business and it can do the same for you!

All Proven Methods You Can Put into Action Right Away, and Start Consistently Getting New Sign-ups and Sales for YOUR Business!

Right now I’m doing something completely insane!

While I could easily charge $197+ or more for this information I’m not going to do that. Because I want to change as many businesses and lives as possible with this proven method!

‘Crush Consistency NOW’ has a regular price tag of $97 but right now its FREE for VIP Ticket Holders Only!!

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