Creating blog content is probably the single most intimidating thing for would-be bloggers.

“What should I write about” is a common question from my blog visitors and email list.

creating blog content imageIt's a fair question.

Those that tell you to write about anything going on in your business or your life are totally off base.

There's an About Page for people to get to know you.

Your blog posts should be written to help others, specifically your Target Prospects.

After all, the only reason that someone is coming to your blog is to GET HELP…

Not to learn more about what you did over the weekend.

Sure, you can mix it up a bit with some personal stories, but the primary purpose of your blog is to PROVIDE SOLUTIONS.

Creating Blog Content:  How To Come Up with Ideas?

Creating blog content can be challenging.

Sometimes it feels like the only ideas I come up with are things I've already blogged about.

So what to do in these situations?

I reach for my secret weapon.

Creating Blog Content that is Compelling:  My “Secret Weapon”

In the short video below, I reveal my “secret weapon” when it comes to creating blog content that is both useful and compelling to my audience.

It's especially good for those building a business Part Time, where TIME is your biggest asset.

Using this strategy, blogging is easy and fun to do… so take a look:


Here's how you can get What's Working Now for just $1.

Check it out and see if it doesn't help get rid of your blog creation fears.

And. oh by the way… reading WWN regularly will also make you a better marketer!


Special thanks to Ray Higdon and Diane Hochman for providing this tip.

    24 replies to "Creating Blog Content: How To Create Cutting Edge Blog Posts Any Time You Want"

    • Holly Deloach

      Take your time when you begin your blog. Don’t try to accomplish everything and have it all ready to go at once. It’s best to focus on one part of your blog at a time and get that part right before going on to another. A good way to start is to simply write about things you love and excel at. This is sure to provide information others will want to read and it should also give you a natural boost in search engine rankings.

    • Kim Reid

      Preparing your posts to be more search engine friendly involves little more than using keywords properly when you create content. Simply put select the most relevant words or phrases that apply to what you wrote and place them ‘strategically’ with your post!

    • Nawaz

      Yes writing contents is the power of your blog and these contents are very useful to enlist the site in organic searches and are also very helpful for readers.

      • Bob

        The needs of your readers should always come first, Nawaz.

    • richa

      What to write about is a question that every blogger has to face. The video is pretty useful to create quality and compelling content. These tips will surely be of great help. Thanks for sharing your secret weapon with us..:)

      • Bob

        You’re welcome, Richa. Every blogger faces this issue at one time or another.

        I’ve found a key is to keep learning new things and then write about them. That’s why I find WWN useful.

        Thanks for the comment!

    • Aayna

      Hi Bob,
      I totally agree that all bloggers face this dilemma regarding what to write and what not to write. Half of the time goes in vain thinking about this issue. I must thank you for letting us known about the “secret weapon”. The video is nice. Thanks for sharing this post.

      • Bob

        You’re welcome, Aayna… glad it helped you out.

    • prabhat

      hey bob,
      amazing article i must say. the thing which irritates me every time is writing new articles. i am a newbie. and i think the selection of choices is the toughest thing for me. i couldn’t watch the video due to connectivity problems but i will see it later as it is an interesting article
      thanks for sharing

      • Bob

        When you watch the video, you’ll see that you can turn any training into your next post. You can take any article you read and turn it around, put your own spin on it and make it a post. The possibilities are all around us, if we look.

        Hope you get a chance to catch the video, Prabhat.

        If you can’t let me know, and I will tell you what I talked about.

    • Simon

      I advise clients to blog about their customers. All they have to do is talk about their last transaction, creating rich content that the search engines will hook into.

      I like the idea of having a resource created by members that I could dip into.

      • Bob

        Thats a good strategy, Simon.

        I’ve always taught that if you can identify and solve your customer’s problems, you’ll have loyal readers for life.

    • dipa

      Writer’s block is what every blogger faces every once in a while. WWN concept is great and sure to help bloggers get a lot of new ideas. The money involved is also not too much and certainly worth it. Thanks so much for sharing!

      • Bob

        Absolutely, Dipa… glad you liked it.

    • John Ernest

      Sometimes you don’t have to create content. You can just curate it. Content curation is important to learn if you want to always have a tad load of ideas. You can use a snippet of a post or a quote or a picture from any social media site and use that as an inspiration. That way you don’t have to strain yourself over a good topic when you have possibly ran out of ideas.

      • Bob

        Good strategy! Content curation is kind of the “new kid in town”. I know several bloggers that do it and curation is very well received.

        The reason why is simple — You are saving people TIME, and that is probably the most valuable aspect for many, especially those building their business Part Time.

    • Jean

      What to write about is probably the biggest quandry facing new bloggers. I remember experiencing the same myself. Everyone wants to make a good first impression after all so they want to do the best job they can but figuring out the best subject to talk about is a tricky decision. Thanks for sharing with us your tip about WWN!


      • Bob

        You’re welcome, Jean… it’s my secret content strategy!

    • Adrienne

      Hey Bob,

      Great post and great tip about coming up with content.

      I also was part of Ray’s course where he shared this tip. I use to be a member here but I still do get their newsletter but you’re right, they have a lot of great content that you can get great ideas from. You can also learn quite a bit and as we all know, write about what you’ve learned. Great way to continue coming up with content time and time again.

      Thanks for this tip and enjoyed the video Bob. Welcome back and enjoy your week.


      • Bob

        Oh you know all the tips, Adrienne.. it’s tough to get anything past you!

        Seriously, Ray provided some killer tips in that course. Trying now to employ them all on the blog!

    • Sue Price

      Hi Bob

      As you know I have also completed Ray’s Pro Blogger. Thanks for sharing this tip and I realize I had skimmed over it .

      I do not subscribe to What is Working Now but looks like I should.

      Thanks for a great training.


      • Bob

        Yeah, Sue that tip was a bit buried, but one that I latched on to right away. I have been getting WWN for years but never thought of using it for blog content before.


    • Sigrid McNab

      Hey Bob. Thanks so much for letting us into your “secret weapon” for creating blog content. I totally agree that it is a great source for accessing compelling valuable information and content ideas.

      • Bob

        Glad you enjoyed it, Sigrid.

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