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One of my blogging goals this year was to incorporate more video onto this blog.  Today is the first step towards delivering on this promise.

It's in being consistent with my 3 Words for 2o12, one being Visibility.

I don't like to do videos.  There, I said it.

Actually, let me clarify that.  

I don't  like talking heads videos, especially when it's MY HEAD! 🙂

But I do enjoy teaching and presenting, so I've decided to do many of my videos in a Powerpoint structure.

This way, you'll hear my voice, hopefully learn some valuable tips, and NOT have to stare at my face for 5 minutes.

I mean, really.

Is it just me?

Anyway, enough of my insecurities about making videos.

I was listening to a training video (yes, talking head!) by Brendon Burchard the other day and he challenged those listening to do a “5 Tips” video on anything that our heart desired.

The prize?  If chosen, 2 tickets to his next live event.

I can rarely pass up a challenge  and I really would love to get to his event, so I went for it.

And rather than post a video on something trivial like “5 Tips for Keep Your Nose From Running on a Snowy Winter Day” (although this might be helpful, who knows?), I decided to put my video to good use and present some business building tips that might just help you out.

Here's the funny thing about this video — it was originally intended to speak to Baby Boomers and Baby Boomer Professionals, but after I made it I realized that the tips in this video would help anyone trying to build an online business part time.

These tips and strategies are universal.

What You'll Learn in This Video

There are some gold nuggets in this video, if I do say so myself.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • Why most people never get their business started despite their best intentions.
  • The one thing you must do FIRST if you want to have any chance of succeeding as an online marketer.  Without this, nothing else matters.   (HINT):  If you're struggling with your business, this might be why!
  • The BIG mistake that most newbies make that should be avoided at all costs.
  • Why the famous 3-foot rule in traditional marketing may also be slowing you down!
  • The ONE thing I would do right after starting a business, if I could do it all over again (I didn't do this and it delayed my success by months, if not years!

Ok enough already…

Check out the video and let me know what you think.

 5 Essential Tips for Building an Online Business Part Time




Would you vote for it?  Should I win the trip?  

If you think so, tell Brandon!

Let's Hear It!

So what was your biggest takeaway from the video?  

How many of the tips are you doing right now?  Don't be shy!

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    25 replies to "5 Essential Tips for Building an Online Business Part Time"

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    • Cat Alexandra

      Hi Bob,

      Loved the video! These are great. I agree with you that talking head videos aren’t always the best way to put forward a message. I think that each thing has its own place…sometimes a talking head video is good due to the perceived eye contact which brings a level of intimacy similar to a real life, in person, conversation. Other times, though, a video with slideshow can be much more effective depending on the purpose of the message.

      I think that addressing the baby boomer niche is a great idea because of the sheer spending power coming from that sector. They control more money than any other sector at this time due to the sheer numbers of people in that segment of the population.

      The truth is that your message is applicable to really any adult living in the world today. It’s more important now than ever to be creating diversified income streams. With so much uncertainty in the world due to the strained economy, being on the cusp of hyperinflation, and the need to survive (and hopefully THRIVE) in the world, becoming diverse is essential.

      I think that your point about finding a mentor is so key. I dawdled for some time til I found someone whose footsteps I could follow. Emulate that which you wish to become!

      Awesome article and video, Bob!


      • Bob

        Hello again Cat! Great to see you again.

        You made so many many great points in your comment, but the one thing that stands out to me in everyone who is finding success is that they found that mentor to emulate and help guide them through the pitfalls of building a business. My friend Richard Goutal just published a blog post where he talked a bit about this. What stands out to me is that he provided 3 graphs, each with Points A (your starting point) and Point B (you goal = success).

        The first graph had lines going every which way, some forward, then backward, left and right. It was a mess, yet it’s how most of us try to reach our goals when we have no help. One step forward, two steps back if you will.

        The second graph was a straight line between the two points — the perfect world. This never happens.

        The 3rd graph was mostly a straight line with some deviations along the way. This is how I envision a mentor helping, keeping you on the right path and in the right direction. It is SO easy to get sidetracked nowadays… we all need someone who has done it before keeping us moving forward.

        Thanks again for your insights here, Cat… much appreciated.

    • Brian

      Thanks for not making a talking head video. I’m not a big fan of that and for myself, I’ll never make one….EVER. At this moment though, I would have preferred the runny nose video. Anything to help me breathe on this hot winter day. I’m miserable. HELP.

      I’m listening to your video now while finishing typing this up. Going to watch right now…. click.

      • Bob

        LOL Brian, that’s funny.

        I do believe there is a time and place for talking head videos — very sparingly, in my opinion.

        Your About Page comes to mind. It’s a good place for your readers to see the real you. But again, keep it short and to the point.

        Appreciate your comment, Brian.

    • Siddarth Rajsekar

      Super video Bob. It’s one of the most comprehensive videos I’ve seen on building an online business part-time. Very relevant and I’m going to share this with people I know – thanks for the value.

      • Bob

        Thanks Siddarth.. appreciate that!

    • Herbert

      Awesome video Sir Bob..This is really useful for us newbies in the field. Thanks a lot..

      Its only now I notice the badge you have at your sidebar.. Looks very very good 😀 Congratulations for being on the 7th spot Sir Bob

      • Bob

        Thanks, Herbert and thank you and all for the votes. It is a great honor.

        Just curious, did you have one key takeaway from the video, something that stood out and particularly resonated with you?

    • Astro Gremlin

      Dr. Bob, I especially appreciated the notion of an “accountability partner.” I think I view all my online “competition,” actually friends and mentors as running beside (mostly ahead) of me. If I don’t grow, keep posting and commenting, and trying new strategies, I have this feeling I will fall behind. I envy their success and want to emulate them, knowing they have worked tremendously hard. Hey, your video is great!

      • Bob

        Don’t confuse competition with accountability. Both are great.

        Keeping an eye on your competition can be a great motivator to take action, for sure. But a true accountability partner is someone who you mutually share with, bounce off ideas and share challenges.

        They are invaluable to the success of your business, in my opinion.

        Thanks for contributing to the discussion!

    • Tosin

      Hi Bob,

      There is nothing like fighting that insecurities and finally finding a way around them. Like you, I used to think that I was not good enough for a video and that my voice was not exactly one that folks would appreciate.

      I remember my first video. I hated the sound of my voice and deleted it. I waited for a while before doing another one and eventually got used to it the more I tried it.

      So great job for overcoming that excuse!

      And great lesson from the video too. More than ever, people are seeing the need to get involved in a him based business albeit parttime. It is truly the way to go.

      Thanks for sharing your insights!

      • Bob

        Hello my friend, Tosin!

        Great to see you here. I don’t know what you’re talking about — I LOVE your videos. In fact, everyone reading these comments should go check them out.
        You offer great value in your videos.

        Appreciate the kind words of support. We all have certain obstacles to overcome if we’re going to pull this off. It’s a matter of finding you way around or through them — whatever works.

        Just curious, Tosin — what would you consider to be YOUR biggest obstacle and how have you overcome it? (putting you on the spot here!).

        • Tosin

          Hi Bob,

          Now you want me to open up here…lol I hope you have time in your hands to read this…

          Well, I have had the question put to me several times and up till now I dont know if the right question is OBSTACLE.. I think it’s better put as OBSTACLES because frankly I cant pick out one as the biggest. Maybe I will in the future.

          Let me see how far I’d go with them here:

          BELIEF: I would say building BELIEF in myself at the very start was difficult. Like you might have known already I struggled pretty badly when I encountered this industry and I found it difficult believing that I would come out strong.

          I would say that one of the things which led me to getting started on working on it was a statement by a couple of my folks along the lines that I’d soon be worn out and face reality that mlm is not the way to go. Somehow I think that the quest to prove them wrong was one of my driving forces. I just didnt want their prophecies to come to pass. So anytime I felt like giving up and going back to the status quo I keep remembering ‘I told you so’ voice in my head and it keep me going.

          Another person who was instrumental in me overcoming my lack of belief is Ray Higdon. You see, towards the middle of last year, I had an issue with the person who registered and hosted my blog. It was a mistake I made when I first started online. He had all the domain details and when I finally found out that my inability to personally access my cpanel is hindering my progress, I approached him to hand the site over to me, All attempts to make him hand over the blog to me proved abortive and it was a period I never want to go through again.

          You’d remember how consistent I was in my blogging efforts at that period and I tell you the rewards at that period too was huge. The guy eventually shut down my blog and for more than two months my blog was inaccessible.

          It was horrific watching my alexa ranking jump from 30k to about 350k. It was not pretty at all. My blog was my online hub. It was the central of my lead generation endeavours and I had become obsessed with it at that point. All of a sudden it was gone. I was devastated!

          It was at that period I met Ray and listening and watching his training helped me find the courage to dream again. I dusted myself and was utilizing other ways of building my list. Facebook Notes, Fanpages, Profile etc became what I used to build my business at that time. I gained more clarity as to what to concentrate on. I started concentrating on my primary business and building a strong downline. I started understanding residual income.

          Ian Belanger eventually helped me find a way round my blog towards the end of last year. And for this I am really indebted to him.

          INTERNET CONNECTIVITIES: I can never forget the first time I wanted to get a hold of a marketing system online. I encountered this guy (he’s pretty popular) and he told me I can never be successful online if I cant watch videos. I found that discouraging because there was absolutely no way I could find an internet connection good enough to watch an online video then.

          With the internet connection I had back them, it takes me close to 2 hrs to watch a 3-min video. No kidding, Bob. I have stood awake all night downloading a 15 min video before. It could not stream it so the only way I would be able to watch it was to download it on my system.

          Publishing posts was a heck of a work because the interface was always distorted. So what I do is to post an article and stay back to edit the post because that seem to be the only way to tweak things. There is nothing more frustrating than a snail-slow internet connection and maybe what made me stick to it was that I never knew there was something remotely close to the kind of speed you guys have over there.

          If posting was an issue, then promoting my contents on the content sharing sites and social media was herculean. Promoting contents on facebook alone took me sometimes up to 4 hrs. That would not have been an issue if I had a personal connection at home. To access the internet, I had to walk about 3 miles to a cybercafe and I have lost the number of times I did all-night at the cafe. There was a time when other customers thought I was a staff. It was that serious 🙂

          I guess I should take a break here. I would continue some other time, my friend.

          Thanks for the opportunity to pour out my heart here.


          • Bob

            Tosin, your story is amazing and so inspiring. You’ve overcome so many obstacles along your path, things that frankly I take for granted. I am humbled that you’ve shared your story here.

            Belief — that is a tough nut to crack. I think we’ve all been there:

            — can I do it?
            — do I have what it takes?
            — I have nothing special to offer!

            We all felt that way and your story is like many others in that way. It is a process, this believing in yourself. I find that even now, I still allow doubt to wander into my thoughts. It’s only human, I suppose.

            You are a leader, Tosin… never forget that. People look up to you because you’ve accomplished what so many haven’t, even under extreme circumstances. I look forward to following your progress and seeing just how high you can take this, my friend!

    • Timo Kiander

      Good stuff Bob – keep them coming!

      I really liked the video because of your voice – it’s very easy to listen to 🙂 Also, the content was great too! These tips are essential when building your own business on the side.

      The biggest change for me this year was to hire a coach just two weeks ago. Looking forward to get a big boost on my business building activities.


      • Bob

        Wow you’re the first person to compliment my voice, Timo! Most (including Rosemary) tell me I’m too soft spoken and need to project more (a fair criticism). It must be because we are similar in nature! 🙂

        Great that you found and hired a coach, Timo! I’ve been working with someone new the past few months and my productivity and focus has gone through the roof.

        Let us know how you progress as the year goes by!

        Thanks for sharing your insights here, Timo!

    • Adrienne

      Great job with the video Bob, you really should do more. Stop with that not liking to do videos because you can really help a lot of people through this method. Just think of those people who enjoy watching videos then reading content.

      I agree, these tips can really help everyone but we baby boomers appreciate it. I should know! 🙂

      I know that more people will realize the importance of starting their own home business and it’s tips like you’ve provided here that can really help them understand that you don’t have to know everything right up front. If you go back and listen to a lot of stories from people you’ll understand that is the reason a good bit of the people haven’t gotten further long, information overload.

      I’d vote for you Bob so how do we tell Brandon? I didn’t see a link… I’m on it!

      • Bob

        LOL there is no voting that I know of, Adrienne… simply Brandon choosing, I believe. It’s okay, going through the process was good for me.

        I agree that videos can be a great way to share content, especially if you change it up from your usual writing on a blog. That’s why I did it and plan on doing more.

        Thanks for your support.

        Information overload? It’s killed the passion of more than one struggling marketer. But in today’s Internet age, it’s the nature of the beast unless you learn to recognize it and take steps to work around it.

        Thanks as always for sharing your insights here, Adrienne. Great to see you again!

    • Radu

      Hey Bob,
      Wondeful post and video 🙂 Great idea to add videos!
      There tips work not only for baby boomers who build their business part time but for all the online entrepreneurs.
      I’m 22 but certainly can find them helpful. Especially tip #2 and #3. I wanted to know learn everything but now blogging is the strategy I’m focusing on. Defining my niche was always a challenge until today..

      The solution was right under my nose and I didn’t know it : young folks who want to have their own business and create multiple streams of income online.
      For everyone of us there is a brand that awaits to be developed no matter the circumstances.We just have to pay attention to ourselves and our life experiences. The rest will follow.

      Bob, great post! You made my day 🙂
      Keep rocking,

      • Bob

        Great advice, Radu…. its’ funny but I think many times your niche simply turns out to be your reflection in the mirror.

        It happened that way for me, and it sounds like your experience is similar.

        Glad you found value in the video, Radu. After I shot the video, I realized that although I had done it with Baby Boomer Professionals in mind, most of the advice was applicable to all ages. Glad it turned out that way.

        Thanks for sharing your insights here. I will be over to your blog soon to guest post!

    • Michael

      Incorporating videos into blog posts is an effective way to engage your users and still post relevant content. Nice post! Glad you are starting to accomplish your blogging goals.

      • Bob

        Thanks, Michael. I plan on doing a lot more of these kind of instructional, how to videos. People really seem to like it.

    • John

      Wonderful video Bob, I’m not such what insecurities you had but you clearly rocked it 🙂

      In our current economic time it’s now more important then ever before for people to build an online business even on a part time basis. These are great tips that anyone can use to create a successful business.

      Well done !!

      • Bob

        Thanks, John… appreciate the kind words.

        Couldn’t agree more that it’s a great idea to start a business right now — multiple streams of income!
        But people need to go into it with their eyes open and their expectations real. Part of the issue is their own beliefs, part of the problem is the hypey advertising that we see online every day.

        It isn’t easy, it isn’t free and it is hard work… but it’s also well worth it in the end!

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