The word “POWER” can mean many things to many people.

Someone can be physically more powerful, financially more powerful, socially more powerful, and even spiritually more powerful.

But in a Network Marketing sense, POWER equals INFLUENCE.

There is nothing more powerful in sales and marketing that being able to influence someone in a way to lead them towards your desired goal.  Now, I'm not talking about misleading someone or intentionally taking them down a detrimental path, that would be unethical and out of integrity for your busienss.

No, when I talk about Power and Influence, I simply mean being able to sway someone to take action that will benefit both parties involved.

So how do you get MORE POWERFUL?

You've undoubtedly heard the old adage, “Knowledge Equals Power”.

But that's only half the truth.  The real definition of Power is:

knowledgePower = Knowledge + Action

Knowledge, no matter how powerful and influential does no one any good if it is not acted upon.  Knowledge does no one any good if it remains strictly inside your brain.  You must be willing to take action to share this knowledge with the world.

Remember:  The more you give the more you'll receive back, ten-fold.

And it can't just be ANY ACTION … it must be targeted action. That means taking action that will deliver the desired result in the most effective manner.

Let me give you an example.

The last couple of weeks I have been training with two of the most successful people on TWITTER.  I attended 2 powerful webinars, chock full of ideas, tips and shortcuts on how to best use Twitter to market my primary business.

I became KNOWLEDGEABLE in Twitter.

But if I stopped there, it would do nothing to increase my power and influence with others.

The next step was ACTION — TARGETED ACTION!

I spend the next several days using their strategies to increase my twitter followers in a targeted way AND using Twitter in the most effective way to gain interest in my business.  On Twitter that mean leading with value, directing people to my blog posts, videos, and articles — simply attracting people to me.

You see, I could have taken action that would have been a total waste of time.  I could have added useless Twitter followers with whom I had nothing in common.  I could have spammed all my new followers with my business opportunity, and alienated a whole bunch of people along the way.

But I chose to take targeted action to spread my knowledge, and it's worked like a charm.


Before I forget — if you are reading this blog, we undoubtedly have much in common, so be sure to….



Back to the post….

Knowledge is POTENTIAL Power.

Knowledge combined with Targeted ACTION is truly POWER…..

and allows you to have unlimited positive influence over others.

What's YOUR definition of POWER?  Leave a comment!

To your success!

Dr. Bob

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  • Audrey Ross

    The power of influence is perceived as one of the most powerful. This allows one to do pretty much everything they desire. It’s sure is a nice power to have.

  • Bob

    Hi Greta,

    I will shoot you an email to get some more information about your paper. Usually there is no problem with this kind of request.

    Thanks for the comment!

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