The word is out….

The best way to do business online nowadays is to GIVE.
Give your best stuff.

Give til it hurts….

Give it all away FREE!

It's the new rage online.  Actually, it has a lot to do with the increasingly popular and relevant world of Social Media Marketing.  Online marketers have finally come to understand that standard sales pitches do NOT work in social networks.  In fact, the public as a whole has become so numb to sales pitches and just the SHEER amount of information on the Net, that marketers are scrambling for ways to stand out.

So how do they stand out?  By giving away their BEST STUFF.

This is great news for the online marketing newbie, because never has so much valuable content been available at no cost.  NEVER.

The bad news?  The sheer amount of it all.

What is it about the Word FREE?

orangesThere is something about the word FREE.  Why is it so hard for us to pass up a FREE OFFER?  If we pass a fruit stand on the corner with a sign that reads “FREE ORANGES”, what is our natural instinct?

To grab as many oranges as we can, even if we aren't terribly hungry… and maybe even if we hate oranges.

Why?  Because you never know when we might get hungry and need them.

How does this relate to online marketing? It's the same concept, really.

Grabbing All the Free Stuff may just Ruin Your Business

There is so much free information available us online right now — free newsletters, free reports, free Ebooks, free video training, free coaching, free, free, free.  So what do most of us do?

We subscribe to the free newsletters, we grab those free special reports and free ebooks, and we jump on all those free webinar trainings hoping to hear SOMETHING that will help us grow our business.

The result?

  • A grossly full inbox.
  • A computer full of saved Ebooks that have never been read.
  • And a schedule chock full of free training calls and webinars.

And what DON'T we have?

Time for the activities that are going to make us money — generating traffic, talking to leads, establishing social relationships, placing ads, writing articles, writing blog posts, etc.

In other words, we have gotten so enamored with the FREE STUFF available on the Internet today that we've left very little time to actually WORK OUR BUSINESS.  In this way, all this free training has actually hurt our business.

So what do we do?

3 simple things will help:

  • Follow just a few online marketers whose content you've come to trust and get a lot of value out of. Make these people your informal “mastermind group”, and be very selective who you let in.
  • Carve out time each day to perform those activities that MAKE YOU MONEY.  In fact, make this the majority of your work hours, and DO NOT COMPROMISE.  I mean it!
  • Remember the old saying….. “JUST SAY NO!!”

To your success!

Dr. Bob Clarke

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  • Eric

    I agree, there’s an overwhelming amount of free info to follow out there. I think its a great suggestion to just pick a few, high quality sources to follow and to tune out the other noise.

    • Bob

      Hey Eric,

      Yeah, you definitely need some way to screen out all the extraneous information out there that will just distract you and suck away your valuable time. Focus is key, no doubt. Don’t let anything get between you and your goal!

      Thanks for the comment, Eric. See you again soon!

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