7 Blogging Tips For Beginners

blogging tips

Whether you’re looking to start a blog or you’ve been blogging for a while and struggling to get eyeballs on your posts, these blogging tips will definitely help you out. First, why should you bother listening to me? I’ve been blogging regularly since 2009.  At first it was slow going, and I was getting no […]

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9 Ways To Create A Killer About Page

One of the most important pages on any blog is the About Page. This is the place where readers can get to know the blogger on a more personal level.  A visit to the About Page usually means that something on the blog intrigued the reader, and she wants to learn more. The About Page […]

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The Confusion Around Creating “Content”

You’ve probably heard the mantra of most successful online marketers… “You get paid on the VALUE you bring to the marketplace.” And that means creating CONTENT that others find helpful and valuable. The Confusion Around Creating Content Many seem to be confused about what it means to “create content”. They feel it has to stem […]

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Why Produce Content If No One Is Noticing?

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You’re frustrated… You’ve been creating articles, videos and blog posts like clockwork, just like you’ve been taught… You’ve been doing all the right things and yet… No one is noticing. No one reads your articles. Very few people view your videos. And it seems like only spammers leave comments on your blog posts. So what […]

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Use your Blog as a prime medium to build a long-term business

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The Internet is literally smothered with new emerging blogs every day. However, the basic fact that separates each of these blogs from the others is the motive and the attitude responsible for their creation. You can use the effective platform of your blog to highlight your business. Building a long-term business through blogging requires measured […]

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3 Holiday Gifts Just For You

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Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been a bit quiet lately. I haven’t been posting here as regularly as usual. I’ve fallen behind in my blog comment responses. My Facebook wall is starting to look like a barren desert. Some people have been asking if everything is okay, and I want to assure you that Rosemary and […]

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