I've been in MLM and Network Marketing for several years, and I've seen my share of success stories, some “flash in the pan” types, and most who get discouraged after a few months and move on to find the next, best opportunity.

Let's get one thing clear:   MLM SUCCESS can be had by anyone, regardless of age, experience, or financial status.

One of the biggest questions I get is….

When I'm first getting started, how do I make enough money to stay in the game until my business takes off?”

Understand that an MLM Business is like any other business.  When first starting out, most won't see a profit for over a year, and for some it may take much longer.   It's all about LEARNING YOUR CRAFT, becoming Marketing and Prospecting Mavericks and respected Leaders.  When you've accomplished these 3 things, your MLM business will take off.

But what can you do before that, when you're struggling just to break even so that you can continue learning?

It's called a FUNDED PROPOSAL.  There are many variations of this.

>>In my primary business<<, we use an application process to serve as a funded proposal.

But I've also used AFFILIATE MARKETING very successfully to keep me afloat financially and help me pay for my marketing education while I learned my craft.

What Is Affiliate Marketing and Why You Should Care

For those that aren't familiar with Affiliate Marketing, it simply means that you get paid a commission for helping to market other people's products.  The advantage of Affiliate Marketing is that you don't have to worry about creating your own product.  But there's a catch.

You need to pick a product that 1) is in high demand, 2) is a fantastic value to the customer, and 3) that is part of a system that contains a full complement of other products that your customer may be interested in.

It usually costs nothing to be an Affiliate marketer, outside of any costs you incur in advertising and marketing.

So how do you pick an Affiliate product to market?  I've been an affiliate for many products and they've all helped me keep my business going in the beginning. But the one criteria that is NON-NEGOTIABLE when choosing a affiliate product is that I must have used the product personally and can vouch for it's excellence and usefulness to others.

People ask me all the time for my favorite Affiliate Product, and the answer is always the same….

Magnetic Sponsoring

>>Magnetic Sponsoring<< is an information product by Mike Dillard, one of the pillars of the Network Marketing industry.  The book is low cost and is perfect for MLM and Network Marketers just getting started.  In Magnetic Sponsoring, Mike brings alive the concept of ATTRACTION MARKETING and how to use it effectively to brand yourself as a leader to be chased

In Magnetic Sponsoring you will find such intriguing Chapter Titles as:

  • “Your Business Has Nothing To Do WIth Your Company”
  • “The Secret To Becoming a Professional”
  • “How To Find Your Best Products”
  • “How To Position Yourself As An Expert and Attract Leads To You”

You can see why Magnetic Sponsoring would be attractive to anyone in MLM or Network Marketing, especially newcomers to the Industry.

But here's the best part:

Mike also has a boat load of other specialized products, all geared towards helping Network Marketers with specific problems.

Products such as:

Once you purchase Magnetic Sponsoring or one of the other products, you are eligible to sign up as an Affiliate and start making money the same day.  The Affiliate Commissions run on the average of 40%, quite respectable for Affiliate Marketing.

I, personally have purchased almost every >>Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring product<<. And I have used my commission from the sales of these products to fund my marketing and training in my Primary Business that has allowed me to attain Elite Leader Status.

The bottom line: You don't need to become an MLM statistic – one of the many that give up after a few months because they've run out of money and patience.  Utilize Affiliate Marketing to fund your business while you learn your craft and become the leader to be followed.

To your success!

Dr. Bob Clarke


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  • Chad Joiner

    It’s all about relationships, building trust and helping people connect with a business that we can all grow in. True success comes from helping others succeed. Great post.

    Chad Joiner

    • Bob

      I love that Chad — “True success comes from helping others succeed.”

      I will add that to my swipe file of great quotes.

      Glad you found the information useful. Hope to see you here again soon!


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