djDerek Jeter, the Captain of the New York Yankees.  I have been watching Derek play for almost 13 years.  Throughout this time, there has been play after play showcasing his tremendous ability.


  • The home run in the 2004 playoff game, making him “Mr. November”
  • Flying into the stands after making a great catch against rival Boston
  • And most recently, watching him surpass Lou Gehrig’s all time Yankee hit record

He is truly an amazing athlete, but he’s even more impressive as a leader of men

Watch Derek play night in and night out, and his leadership abilities shine through. 

How does he demonstrate leadership?  Here are the qualities I’ve observed that make Derek, and any other leader, stand out among his peers…..

  • Integrity above all else… his word is his word.
  • He “walks the walk”, never asking anyone to do something he hasn’t already done
  • Determination to get the job done the right way
  • He is heard, as all leaders are — maybe not in a loud way, but in the isolation of the clubhouse where he skillfully gets his point across the the offending teammate
  • He gives 110% all the time.. and he expects the same of others
  • He is very careful never to talk badly about his followers (teammates) to anyone outside the group (i.e. media).
  • He is powerful in his actions and his words.

These are qualities that every true leader possess, whether he is the captain of the NY Yankees or the captain of his team of entrepreneurs. 

Leaders are made, not born.  Learn to be the leader others are looking for and you will have them knocking down your door to be part of what you are offering.

Bob Clarke
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  • Chuck Holmes

    There are two things I really admire about Mr. Jeter. Number one, he always hustles. He has a great work ethic and always gives 100%. Finally, he is what I call the quiet giant. He isn’t very vocal and is seldom in the media, if ever, for something negative. He knows how to stay quiet, behind the scenes. Those are the two things I admire most about him. Plus, he is clutch when it counts!

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