One of the most common questions I get from new members of my team is, “Where can I get the best MLM leads for my Network Marketing business?” I remember the advice I got when I first started in the industry. I was told to purchase leads from a company and call them. I've found this to be exactly the wrong advice.

If you've ever tried purchased leads, then you probably agree this is not the best approach. So what is the best way to get leads for your business? The best MLM leads are self-generated, the people you attract through your own story and who believe that you can help them achieve their goals and solve their problems.

How and where do you find these leads? In this article, I will outline the exact steps to generating the best MLM leads for your network marketing business. More importantly, you'll understand how to convert these leads into hot prospects who will be eager to join your team. Building your MLM business will be fun when you follow this formula, and you'll save a lot of money in the process.

A Simple 4-Step Formula For Generating the Best MLM Leads For Your Business

1. Grow Your Knowledge

The old saying, “knowledge is power” couldn't be more true than in Network and Internet Marketing. You increase your value to a prospect exponentially when you learn new things. You can expand your knowledge in many ways: you can take training courses, read books written by experts, or you can belong to a Network Marketing community of entrepreneurs. If you are building your business on a budget, there is lots of free training available online.

2. Share What You Learn

Now that you've learned something new that others will find valuable, you need to share it. You can stand on your rooftop with a bullhorn and scream your message to the world, but the number of people you reach will be very limited, indeed. I recommend you use the power of the Internet to spread your knowledge to the masses. You can take up article writing, video production, or you can simply start your own blog, whatever you enjoy. Just remember the goal: to create quality content in order to attract the best MLM leads.

3. Grow Your List

You've learned new things and shared them with the world. Now you must capture your leads by giving people a chance to leave their name and contact information. In exchange, you should always give them something in return as an enticement. You can offer more free training, an ebook, or maybe exclusive access to a great new video you just created. Also, you can use companies that specialize in helping you grow your list of prospects.

4. Determine Your Prospects Needs and Challenges, By Asking!

askHow you approach your list of prospects is very important, and the vast majority of Network Marketers get this wrong! They begin their “relationship” with their new prospect by shamelessly promoting their business. This is a major turn off for most people.

Here's a deep, dark secret that only the top earners use to turn their leads into hot prospects – ASK THEM HOW YOU CAN HELP!

Ask your leads about their biggest frustrations, their biggest challenges, and what exactly they are looking for. The answers you get may surprise you, and you can save yourself a lot of time by filtering out leads with no money to invest or those looking to get rich quick.

Simply by asking the right questions, you will be able to identify the best prospects for your MLM business. And now that you know exactly what they need, you can help them find a solution and have them knocking down your door to join you.

If you feel uncomfortable speaking with your leads, there's no need to worry. Because you're not pitching your business, there won't be any unpleasant exchanges. Rather, you will be asking your leads specific questions about their problems and frustrations, and I've always found that people are very eager to discuss their own problems. Simply keep digging by asking the right questions and you'll soon find out what it will take to recruit your prospect.

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