Becoming a Network Marketing success story may seem simple on the surface. You join a company whose leadership and products you believe in, tell others about your opportunity, and then collect your check at the end of the month.  What could be simpler?  But given the fact that 97% of all network marketers ultimately fail and quit, it is most definitely not that easy.

Why is this?

What do the other 3% who are ridiculously successful do differently than the masses?

I’ve been a student of leadership and success for quite some time and I’ve found that network marketing success boils down to 4 main areas of importance.  In fact, if you can master these 4 skill sets you will practically guarantee that others will see you as a Network Marketing success guru, and you'll be the one on stage at your company's live events picking up your winnings.

It is the key to surviving and flourishing in the network marketing community.

I call this the 4 M’s in the Network Marketing Success Formula:


Why are you starting a business in the first place?  Most people answer this question with the ever-popular responses of getting rid of debt or gaining more freedom in their lives. But everyone wants that!

Perhaps the better question is, “What would you do with your money once you have no more debt and have the financial and time freedom you covet?”

That’s where it gets interesting, because that’s usually when people start talking about giving back.  And giving back to others is the cornerstone of one’s mission.

If the reason you are starting a business is for you and you alone, then chances are you will be one of the 97% that fail.


Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “Mindset before skill set.” That’s because without the proper mindset, all the marketing skills in the world won’t help. You have to be able to think and act like a successful entrepreneur even before you are one.

Quite possibly one of the hardest shifts for new business owners is making the shift from the 9-5 victim mentality to the mindset of an entrepreneur. Yet it is just this shift that is a non-negotiable pre-requisite to network marketing success.


There are dozens of ways to market, online and offline. But it is essential that network marketers become proficient and expert in at least one or two methods of marketing.

For some it may be making videos. Others may excel at writing articles and press releases. Still other, more analytical types may gravitate towards paid search marketing.

Spending money on getting the best training and marketing education is definitely dollars well spent. Once your mission and mindset are in place, marketing will drive your business machine.


Here, I am referring to the business model of your company. You can have all other aspects of the formula in place, but if you are stuck in a company with a mickey mouse compensation plan or an inefficient business model, all of your work will be for nothing. You must look for an opportunity or company with lucrative compensation and a mechanism for teaching your new team members to become proficient marketers and entrepreneurs.

These are the 4 M’s to becoming a Network Marketing success.

Once you excel in all four areas, there is no place for you to go but to the very top.

To YOUR success!

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  • Robert David Strong

    Hey Bob,

    I read and reread each of the 4M’s and feel that one of the most important ( although all are needed) is the first one that really enlightens people on why you are in the business. I know that many people will say for the money or something else like that but is that the real “why”….maybe or maybe not. I went much deeper on why I got into this industry and I have come up with the following:

    “I believe that people should have the opportunity to strengthen their family relationships so they never have to miss a first step of a child, a first word, a dance recital, a family picnic, a school field trip, a family reunion, their child’s first dance, read stories to their children at night or even eat a bowl of cheerios with their children every morning and not have to ask a boss, their company or anyone for these sometimes once in a lifetime opportunities” – Robert David Strong

    I do this by showing them other opportunities and ways of approaching life.

    My why is about family, what is means, what is means to me, to you, to your family…..and ways to build upon it and not tear at the tender threads that sometimes hold it together by working 80+ hours a week, hating your job and bringing the stress home to linger. My why is showing people that family is the most important thing we all have. Being home and watching your son take his first step, is not worth a few hundreds dollars that you may have traded for 8-12 hours at work, watching your daughter perform her first solo at the Winter Ball is not worth trading for a shiny ball point pen you may have obtained for having perfect attendance at work; these priceless times in our lives are just that…..

    I believe… you?

    • Bob

      Hey Robert,
      I can see you’ve done some serious thinking about your “why”. It’s impressive, and what’s even more impressive is that your why has nothing to do with YOU. It’s all about your family and others. That’s a fast track to success, my friend.

      Thanks for the comment.

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