I used to feel like a hamster on the social media hamster wheel.  If you have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn or any of the other dozens of social networks, you know what I mean.

hamster wheelYou've just done something really cool and exciting in your life that you know your followers and friends would enjoy hearing about, or you just posted a fantastic blog post that your readers will really enjoy and benefit from.

Off you go on the social media hamster wheel.

  • You log into your Facebook account, take some time to write a great status update that you're really happy with, and post it to your account.  But before you do,  you make sure to copy it.
  • Then you jump on Twitter, and paste that same message into your latest Tweet and blast it to all your followers.
  • Now you skip on over to LinkedIn and do the same… Friend Feed, MySpace, or AIM and do the same.

If only there was an easy way to synch your status updates.  So I went looking.

I wanted to find a simple, one step method to sync my status updates on all my social networking sites.

Man, I just wanted to get off the Social Media Hamster Wheel!

I would even pay for it, that's how much it would be worth it to me.


ping.fmMeet Ping.fm

Ping.fm is  a site on which you can synch your status updates on all your favorite social networking sites: Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, AIM, etc.  In all you can use Ping.fm on over 2 dozen social media sites!

I am in heaven.

No longer am I enslaved to my computer or Blackberry, trying to keep all my social sites updated.

I have my life back!  And I owe it to Ping.fm.

Oh, one more tidbit of information about Ping.fm that you'll enjoy:


Go get your free account at Ping.fm, spend a little time setting up the links, and you're good to go.

Ping.fm — definitely one of my Top 10 Money and Time Saving Network Marketing Tips this year.

What about you?  What's your favorite time saver?

Share it with us!

To your success,

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  • Sam

    Looking a good post bob and ping.fm is a great website. Social media is a great help to promote your business.

    • Bob

      HI Sam,

      I love ping.fm! Quite a time saver!

      Thanks for your comment, Sam.

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