It's the most common complaint I hear from all Network Marketers…


overwhelmOverwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available in today's age of the Internet…. overwhelmed by not knowing what to do first, second, or third… and overwhelmed by people telling them what they must buy to make it to the “Big Time”.

Well, there's good news and there's bad news….

The Bad News:  The massive information available to us in today's society is here to stay.  It's a fact of life as we know it right now, and we must accept this new reality.

The Good News: One of my mentors recently told me this — “Overwhelm always precedes Growth.”

And there's More Good News: While you can't avoid the feeling of “overwhelm”, you CAN MANAGE IT.

Here are 3 steps I've found that helps me manage INFORMATION OVERLOAD:


1.  Limit Your Gurus…

When you're first starting out, it's hard to know who to listen to and who to avoid.  There are marketers out there whose sole purpose is to sell something to you… these are the ones to avoid.  But there are many others who truly wish to relate to you their expertise and knowledge, to help shorten the learning curve for you.

These are the diamonds in the rough, and it pays to find them.

When I first started out, I subscribed to anyone's list who I even remotely thought could help me .  I probably signed up under a hundred or more supposed “gurus” who proclaimed they wanted to make my life easier and infinitely more prosperous.

I quickly found that 80% of them were just looking for a sale, and I immediately unsubscribed from their lists. Of the remaining 20%, probably half were legitimate and truly wanted to help, but what they had to offer were things I either didn't need or wasn't ready for, so I made a note of their names for future reference and opted out.

I was left with a half dozen or so fantastic mentors who freely and without strings send to me their best teachings and strategies every week or so.  People like Jim Rohn, Melanie Milletics, Mark Joyner, Eben Pagan, Sonia Simone, and others.

Even though I have never met any of these individuals, they have become my information sources and my mentors.  I am a fan, and I look forward to every blog post and every email message, because I know they are people of value.

The rest?  Some mean well, others just want sales, but the key is they weren't right for me at this time and I turned off the information.

My email is much simpler to manage, and I get far less overwhelmed.

HINT: Don't stop looking for your gurus even after you've narrowed your list of information providers.  Continue subscribing to one or two bloggers a week… people whose posts you enjoy reading.  Subscribe to their blogs and their email lists if they have them, and let them prove themselves to you.  After a short time, give them the thumbs up and a place in your “information inner circle” or boot them out of your life.

2.  Schedule Time to Manage Information…

Rather than trying to stuff all your free time with information, make it a point to schedule time to review blogs, watch informational videos, and read emails from your gurus.  When you try to watch a quick video or fit in an article or blog post in between other tasks, you become rushed and quickly overwhelmed.

Rather, schedule an hour a day (or week, or however much time you have available)  to allow yourself the luxury to learn.  This is time for you to disconnect from everything else, soak in new information, and make a plan on how to implement what you've learned.  sponge

Schedule yourself time where your only purpose is to be a SPONGE.

3.  Journal Your Learning

Nothing helps you appreciate what you've accomplished and focus on areas of improvement than JOURNALING. Simply put, it's writing down in a notebook or journal everything you accomplished in a given day.  This will allow you to track how much time you spend studying, reading, training, or perform revenue-producing activities.

Once you figure out how you're spending your time, you can adjust it accordingly to make the most of it and reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Until next time,

Dr. Bob Clarke

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P.S.  If you are unsure how to spend your marketing time and dollars, you're not alone.  There are so many ways to market it can truly be overwhelming.  One strategy I've always used is to find out what's working for other leaders and duplicate their success.  Find out what's working for the Top Network Marketing Leaders at this very moment.

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  • Freddy Rodriguez

    Excellent post man! It is easy to get overwhelmed with the barrage of information available on marketing, personal branding, blogging, social media, and whatnot.

    Personally, I have been trying to apply the points that you highlight in your article and it really has turned my efficiency around.

    Thanks for sharing!

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