There’s Nothing Wrong With You!

If you’re struggling in the Home Business industry and you’ve ever found yourself asking, “What’s Wrong With Me?”, this post is for you. You watch as others post [...]


What’s so urgent? YOU…. hopefully! It’s one of the most important traits a successful marketer must have… Yet it’s one that many Part Time Marketers lack– A [...]


Ever play the game Peek-a-boo as a kid? Or maybe you’ve played it with your child. My kids always loved that game… They would scream with pleasure when I’d  “pretend I [...]

Be Relentless!

Yesterday was a tough day. Rosemary and I both worked 14 hour shifts at our hospital and we were physically and mentally drained. In the past, I would have driven home, grabbed a quick bite to [...]

I Will NOT Be Denied… Will You?

I just finished listening to an amazing Mindset in the Morning training and I need to share it with you today. It was all about being in the space of... I WILL NOT BE DENIED! More on this in a [...]

My Girl Scout Story

 Jim Rohn was one of the best motivational speakers of all time.  He is probably the single biggest reason that I’ve kept going in the home business industry when I was struggling so [...]