They never tell you this.  Sure, all home business opportunities focus on the benefits of firing your boss, working from home full-time, and vacationing whenever and wherever you wish.  But they never tell you how to accomplish this while you’re still working a full-time job, taking care of the kids, or living a lifestyle where time is short and patience is thin.

This review of Carbon Copy PRO reveals 5 ways that you can LEVERAGE time, money, and resources to build a solid, profitable business AND make money while you’re learning.

1.  Leveraging Other People’s Knowledge

There’s no doubt about it.  The more skills and knowledge you accumulate, the more valuable you will become to your prospects and the more successful you will be.  To new and experienced Networkers, there’s no better investment of time than in accumulating knowledge.

The cornerstone of the Carbon Copy PRO system is it’s Education and Training platform. They offer extensive training in sales, marketing, leadership, mindset and legal issues, all within the same platform.  Live training calls, webinars, and interactive sessions can be accessed 5 days per week, all given by top earners and leaders in the Company.  Importantly, all trainings are recorded so that those who are unable to attend can learn at their leisure.

For those inexperienced home business owners who lack business training, these resources are invaluable.  They allow you to leverage the knowledge of others and to learn the skills needed to succeed in this industry.

2.  Leverage Other People’s Skills

Think about it – to be a successful Network Marketer you must have certain skills, including prospecting, closing, copywriting, and marketing.

Carbon Copy PRO allows you to leverage the skills of others while you’re growing your business.  They provide professionally written landing pages and sales pages that you can use until you are accomplished enough to write your own.  Similarly, professional autoresponder emails are available, so that you can keep in touch with your prospects, leading them closer and closer to the sale.

Unique to Carbon Copy PRO is their Call Center, a group of trained business professionals who speak with your prospects, answer questions, and close the sale.  This is an invaluable resource for more inexperienced members, so that they can focus their time and attention on driving traffic to their landing page.

3.  Leveraging Other People’s Success Mindset

Most company’s live events are thinly veiled “rah rah” sessions.  The biannual live events sponsored by PRO are different.  They provide a full day of cutting-edge marketing training and a chance to “get up close and personal” with top earners.  There is nothing more valuable than soaking up the mindset and work ethic of the people who are making it happen in the industry, and there is no shortage of Top Earners in Carbon Copy PRO.

PRO also holds unique leadership events for those that have started realizing some success and need to take it to the next level. These “10 for 10” events are free and run by the leaders and top producers in Carbon Copy PRO.

4.  Leveraging Other People’s Training

The only thing more worrisome to a new marketer than getting their first sale is the concern over training their new members.  In Carbon Copy PRO, each new member is brought through a training system that automatically provides them with all the information they’ll need to learn their craft, start marketing, and see success

It’s not necessary for a Carbon Copy PRO member to train a new recruit, a process that can take up an inordinate amount of time.

5.  Leverage Other People’s Money

It’s all well and good to spend time learning new skills and gaining important knowledge, but it does no good if your business runs out of money and fails in the process.

Carbon Copy PRO has a built-in application process that allows it’s members to make money to cover marketing and business costs, even while learning the skills to become expert marketers.

Carbon Copy PRO members also receive a portion of their team’s monthly membership costs, and an affiliate commission on any Carbon Copy PRO product sold to their team members.

It truly is the best of both worlds – learn and educate yourself to build a strong, profitable business and make money while doing so.  That’s why Carbon Copy PRO has become the company of choice for thousands of people looking to start their own home business.

Let’s Review

In a nutshell, Carbon Copy PRO is all about leverage. You can leverage the knowledge of world class leaders in every aspect of sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship.  You can leverage the skills of others, who will explain the opportunity to your prospects, answer questions and close your sales.

You can leverage the resources that PRO offers, including brand-able landing pages and professionally written autoresponder emails.  You can leverage the training system that orients and trains your new members.

All of this, and you can make money while learning to become a top marketer.

Carbon Copy PRO is not for everyone.   If you are looking for quick money or a way to make money without putting in the time to learn your craft, this isn’t for you.  But if you are looking for a way to learn new skills to build your Network Marketing business on a strong foundation — and make money in the process — then this is a Company you should strongly consider.


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