timeIt happens to all of us, even the most successful of MLM marketers.  Sometimes LIFE just gets in the way of building your MLM business.

  • Maybe it's an illness that's slowed you down.
  • Maybe work just is crazy busy and you can barely make it back home without collapsing.
  • Maybe at this time of year you're dealing with graduations, summer planning, or spring cleanup around the house.

It doesn't matter what the issue is – we ALL face them.  And they can completely derail building your MLM business if you let them, especially when just starting out.

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  • Audrey Ross

    In anything that we try to achieve, there will always be obstacles. Successful people became successful not because they didn’t experience the obstacles that we get to experience. We all have them. It’s just a question of how much we want to achieve it.

  • Steve Nicholas

    Great post! Have you read “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson? It has a lot of great information showing how just a few small disciplines over time can lead to huge results.

    • Bob

      HI Steve… no I haven’t read The Slight Edge yet, although its on my list of books I need to read. Based on your recommendation I’ll move it to the top. I’ve been thinking about adding a page on this blog dedicated to book recommendations… what people have read that have helped them move forward. What do you think?

  • Janet

    That’s why you two are such marvelous leaders…. you get the whole picture! Great suggestions to those just starting out. I would only add – rinse & repeat, rinse & repeat!
    Take care! J.

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