I've just finished up an intensive 30 day training course with one of my trusted mentors, Dennis Karganilla — “DK”. And when I say intensive, I mean INTENSIVE…. 5 nights per week, 2 hours per night, homework, the whole 9 yards.  After one long night of class, DK and I were brainstorming about ways to make more money online, and ONE THING seemed to come up again and again.

Why limit yourself to one source of income….. especially when it makes so much sense to have dozens of income sources?

Let me explain…

How arrogant would it be of me to assume that everyone who opts in to one of my email lists wants, or even needs my Primary Business?

As great as I believe this business is, it is not for everyone.

It's not what many (or even most) people on my list are looking for, or even need.

This is where I differ from 99% of other Network Marketers.

Most Network Marketers are focused on getting people to join their opportunity. They talk about “qualifying people”, those who would be most likely to join.

But honestly, only about 5% of the people who show initial interest will end up joining your opportunity.

Why? Because it's not right for them at this time.

They are looking for something else…. it's not what they need.

So what about the other 95% — the ones who DON'T join your business?

Rosemary and I teach our students the concept of…


These are additional products, courses, books, or even private consulting that the other 95% are looking for, NOT your Primary Opportunity.

Let me give you an example….

One guy on my email list was telling me that he wasn't interested in a new business, but was looking for the best way to get his videos blasted all over the Internet.

I didn't try to convince them that my business was best for him…

No, I sent him over to Traffic Geyser, the most effective video distribution source on the Planet. These guys would not only distribute his videos all over the Internet, but also transcribe them into articles, ready for distribution through article directories.

Talk about double the effectiveness.

Here's another one…

After having a conversation with another person on my email list, she tells me what she really wants is to figure out how to get her website to show up on the first page of Google in the organic (free) listings.

Although I know a fair bit about this topic and could probably help her out, I instead sent her over to the guys at SEO Networker. They teach Search Engine Optimization for a living, and no one is better (in my humble opinion).

So how does this help me make more money?

A beautifully simple yet explosive concept called….


Simply put, you basically get a “referral fee” for sending people over to other people's products.

And for some products, it can be quite lucrative — as much as 50% of the retail cost.

So instead of throwing away all those leads not interested in my Primary Business, I teach my students to take the time to find out what they actually need and want…

And have a portfolio of affiliate products available that will help them get what they want and help make more money in the process.

It's a win-win situation.

They key is to take the time to actually find out what your prospects need… not what you WANT them to need.

Life doesn't work that way…. neither does good business.

To your success!

PS It's always best to be totally transparent when doing affiliate
marketing… in other words, tell people that you are getting a
financial incentive to refer them. Most people have no problem with
it and appreciate the honesty. In the spirit of full transparency, the
links to Traffic Geyser and SEO Networker in the above examples
and are affiliate links. If you choose to purchase these products from
these links, I will get a small percentage of the sale.

PPS I almost forgot — when choosing a Portfolio of Affiliate Products
to offer your prospects, do your homework. Make sure they are the
best products on the market and OVERDELIVER. If not, you could
become known as someone who is just out there to make a buck. You'll
lose your reputation and your business.

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  • Audrey Ross

    Affiliate programs have always been a win-win scenario for both the vendor as well as the affiliate. Primarily because of its pay-for-performance structure. They are truly an exceptional way to generate income. They practically do not require any initial expenses.

    • Bob

      Very true, Audrey, although I make it a practice to always try a product or service out before promoting it. So this can cost you a little money, but nothing compared to starting a Network Marketing business or other kinds of business models.

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