More Leads = More Sales, right?

Not so fast.

When we first got started in Network Marketing, we were told by our sponsors that all we really needed to do was to present our opportunity to as many people as possible.

And the sales would follow.

We did that… they didn’t.

When we started using Internet Marketing, we were again told to get as many people to “opt in” to our landing pages to become leads, and the sales would follow.

We did that…. again they didn’t

What were we doing wrong?

square pegThe problem was simple…. we were trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

We made the simple assumption that what we had to offer was right for anyone who showed even a small amount of interest.

We were wrong.  Boy, were we wrong!

Things changed for us when we stopped ASSUMING what our prospects wanted and needed, and started ASKING THEM.  When we started doing that,, things changed dramatically.  We became better marketers, we felt good about ourselves and what we were doing for people, and of course, the bottom line started looking a while lot GREENER (as in, more profits).

How To Find Out What Your Prospects Really Want

This one is simple – ASK THEM!  But how do you do this when most people don’t provide a phone number when they become a lead?

We use a simple technique that has worked wonders for us:

We use the SURVEY.

The concept is simple.  We send out an email to all our prospects, asking them to answer a few simple questions to help us understand their needs.  Now, you typically won’t get a huge percentage of your list to complete your survey, but that’s okay.  In essence, you are qualifying them.

The people who fill out your brief survey are usually the ones who have more than just a passing interest in starting a business.  They are motivated, and they know what they need.  And in our experience, they aren’t shy about telling you.

After They Fill Out Your Survey, Then What?

We usually design our basic survey to find out a few key things:  What they are looking for, what is their biggest frustration in trying to get it, and what are their biggest fears and desires.  This will tell us a lot about our prospect’s needs.

And our final question is an important one:

“If you are interested in a FREE, 30 minute consultation with us where we will listen to your story, understand your needs, and together map out a game plan to achieve your goals, enter your phone number below.”

This is another qualifier… anyone who requests the consultation are red hot prospects, highly motivated in finding out a solution to their problems.

Diagnose Their Needs and Fill The Prescription

This part is key… and where most marketers get it wrong.  They listen to their prospect’s needs, but what they are really listening for is an “in”… some way to relate their needs to their business opportunity, and the pitch begins.

What we do is quite different.

We truly listen to what our prospects need.   And when we’re done listening, we ask more questions to be sure we really understand their situation.  And when we do, we DIAGNOSE their problems and offer SOLUTIONS that will solve these problems.presecriptioin

If they are looking for a business and we believe that our opportunity will fit their needs, we will introduce them to our company, but not before.

And if their problems will NOT be solved by our business opportunity, WE DON’T GO THERE.

Instead, we may offer private coaching, trainings, or even other opportunities we know of.

We have a portfolio of products at our fingertips to offer our prospects if one of them will solve their specific needs.  And if we have nothing that can help them, we tell them so.

The key is to ALWAYS put your prospect’s needs in front of your own.
While it may seem counter-intuitive to discourage someone from joining your business, in the end your net profits will be higher… and you’ll be able to sleep at night.

*** Fill Out Our Survey and Get a 30 Minute Free Consultation ***  No Sales Pitches, Just Someone To Listen to Your Needs and Help You Solve Your Problems.

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